Repossessed Houses For Sale in Birmingham


Repossessed Houses For Sale Birmingham
Repossessed and Below Market Value Property in Birmingham

– Birmingham has a population of 1,101,000.

– That’s an estimated 458,000 households.

– According to, there was an estimated 5.62 repossessions for every 100,000 households In each quarter.

– This equates to a total of 103 repossessions in 2017.

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As the second most populated city in the UK, Birmingham for years has had a wide variety of properties to invest in, however, unfortunately it is not quite that simple anymore. The population is ever growing and this is not necessarily reflecting on the property numbers.

Birmingham live have reported that the city is only producing one new house for every eight new residents in the city, meaning the population is growing three times as fast as the property numbers. The rise in population compared to properties is fairly alarming for those who had their heart set on pursuing property in Birmingham, especially considering this is a theme that is consistent across all areas of the UK. For example Dudley saw numbers of properties rise faster than the increase of the population.

Due to the ever growing population in Birmingham it may become more difficult to source BMV property in this area, therefore it is useful to utilise every source of properties available. will notify you when repossessions from Birmingham come on the market (and only repossessions in Birmingham if specified) so you can be aware of the properties with potential before rival investors. Considering the points made, this tool will especially be useful for those who are interested in investing in Birmingham based property.  


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